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Sleep Dimmer’s mattresses and sleep products have been designed incorporating the latest developments in sleep tech and the use of cutting-edge and innovative materials that guarantee a full and efficient sleep. This is why all mattresses in any Sleep Dimmer product line are covered by a multi-year warranty which bears the stamp of Athinaiki Stromatopoiia.

For all mattresses, Sleep Dimmers offers an 8-year warranty (100%) for the spring core.

For the filling and quilting materials of the mattresses, it offers the following warranty:

1st-3rd year

100% full warranty


4th year

80% covered by warranty

Your participation 20%

5th year

60% covered by warranty

Your participation 40%

6th year

40% covered by warranty

Your participation 60%

7th year

20% covered by warranty

Your participation 80%

8th year

10% covered by warranty

Your participation 90%

The repair value is derived from the applicable Sleep Dimmer service price list. The lifespan of a mattress is 12 years. For reasons of hygiene, it is recommended not to use the product for more than 8 years.

Your mattress’s warranty starts on the day when you received it at home. The proof of purchase serves as an identifying document in relation to the purchase date; therefore, it must be kept.

Sleep Dimmer has created a unique mattress just for you, so it is worth following these simple instructions in order to ensure it maintains its quality and the warranty remains valid:

– Consistently follow the instructions for proper use and care.

– Keep the proof of purchase.

The Sleep Dimmer warranty covers any manufacturing defects of the mattress or material failures. Therefore, if you find a defect, look for the proof of purchase and contact the Customer Service Department.

1. The warranty is only valid within Greece.

2. The warranty covers the product’s repair or replacement. You legal rights are not affected by this warranty.

3. If you make an appointment with one of our specialized technicians and it is found that there is no problem with your mattress, you will be charged thirty euro (€30) for the visit.

Always remember that, in order for the warranty to be valid, the instructions for proper use and care must be followed consistently.

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Instructions for the proper use and care of the mattress.

Base-underlay or dynamic frame, in which the distance between the slats does not exceed the diameter of the mattress’s spring.

The built-in base is not recommended, because the mattress is not ventilated and it is therefore possible for mold to be created on the inside. The wrong base can cause damage to the mattress, which is not covered by the warranty.

Various bodily secretions during sleep can cause stains on the surface of the mattress and create moisture on the inside. The special Sleep Dimmer protective cover keeps the mattress clean and ensures excellent hygiene conditions. A stained mattress loses its warranty.

The mattress should not be washed nor get wet. If your mattress gets stained, clean it locally using a special cleaner. Do not clean it using steam, as this will cause moisture and mold to form inside the mattress. If your mattress gets wet, let it dry in the sun or near a radiator.

Caution! Do not place the mattress near a stove or fireplace. There is a fire risk.

Your mattress absorbs the smell of your body. Therefore, you need to air it out once a month to ensure it remains hygienic, leaving it completely uncovered for a few hours.

The steam creates moisture in the materials, which is the main source of growth of harmful microorganisms, mites, as well as mold. Mold is not covered by the warranty.

When a spring mattress is folded / creases, it causes irreparable damage and deformation.

It is recommended to regularly turn your mattress over, every two months, upside down and top to bottom, for even better hygiene.

This can cause permanent deformation to the springs, without the possibility of repair.

It is part of the mattress’s authenticity and, in addition, it is necessary for the warranty to be valid, as it indicates its serial number.

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