Sleep Dimmer

Microtherm™ creates a “microclimate” just for you while you sleep

The science of sleep has proven that the temperature that prevails in the bedroom’s microclimate significantly affects the level of comfort and the quality of sleep. The microtherm™ thermoregulatory system creates the ideal microclimate for sleep by offsetting the changes in the temperature of all factors present in your environment (space, bed, mattress, pillow, body or bodies). This way, you can enjoy a quiet and refreshing sleep without interruptions.

Thermoregulation is a technological property with innovative applications in mattresses, fabrics, pillows and mattress protectors.

Through the microtherm™ system, we have integrated the latest thermoregulation technology in all Sleep Dimmer mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors.


Thermo+ technology, restful sleep without interruptions.

Thermo+ is an innovative thermoregulatory technology that we have integrated in all Sleep Dimmer mattresses. Millions of microspheres absorb or release body heat, as needed, eliminating sudden temperature changes and allowing for a steady microclimate in bed, ensuring an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep.

It lowers the temperature and reduces night sweats.

The Thermo+ technology practically tends to compensate for temperature changes, absorbing heat when it is excessive and releasing it when needed. This way, it stores and releases body warmth, maintaining the temperature and moisture in bed at an optimal level, thus ensuring a restful and refreshing sleep.

The beneficial effects of Thermo+

  • It reduces the rise of temperature and night sweats
  • It helps balance the temperature between 2 bodies (couples, parent and child, etc.)
  • It contributes to a better and more enjoyable sleep
  • It adapts to any kind of thermal needs of the body.

It ensures temperature equilibration in couples

Everyone needs a different level of warmth during their night sleep. Thermo+ balances the level of warmth in bed according to the needs of both bodies.

The products made with Thermo+ retain their thermoregulatory properties, so that they are easy to manage during washing and drying, without the need for special care.

Pillows & mattress protectors

Resistex®Bioceramic technology, thermal insulation that works.

The innovative Resistex®Bioceramic, made of 100% ceramic polyester with thermoregulatory action, has been integrated in all Sleep Dimmer pillows and mattress protectors.

Resistex®Bioceramic is an innovative, state-of-the-art fabric made from 100% polyester fibers with bioceramic crystals. The fabric fibers contain polyester (fibers) with high-density ceramic particles that have a thermostabilizing effect on the body, helping the dilation of blood vessels, blood circulation and to reduce sweating.

Laboratory tests show how bioceramic fibers provide high thermal insulation that keeps the body temperature constant, even in extremely cold conditions.

Resistex®Bioceramic is non-compressible, it does not contain chemicals and it is a recyclable material.