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Sleep tight while your mattress does the work.

This is the design philosophy of the new Sleep Dimmer mattresses based on simplicity, the use of smart and breakthrough sleep technology, the application of top comfort materials and innovative thermoregulatory fabrics and the guarantee with the stamp of Athinaiki Strromatopoiia, the No1 expert in the design and manufacturing of mattresses in Greece.

The 5 Sleep Dimmer product lines guarantee real rest and uninterrupted sleep thanks to the following:

  • The advanced technology for supporting the autonomous, multi-layer springs in multiple grading zones.


Pocket Springs


Pocket Springs

Micro 7-Zone

Pocket Springs

Progressive Go-up

Pocket Springs

Multi-layer & 7-Zone

Pocket Springs

  • The innovative manufacturing materials and fabrics with thermoregulatory properties that ensure the creation of an ideal sleep microclimate

  • The smart architectural design with 3 different comfort options (firm, medium & soft) for each mattress line, which ensures a refreshing sleep.

Discover your ideal mattress:

The advanced cocolatex material (natural coconut palm) provides a sense of stability (firm), ensuring that the mattress has a firm and steady hold, while its high air content helps to keep the body’s temperature constant, granting you a comfortable and dry sleep.
The 100% natural latex material provides a feeling of comfort (medium); it is hypoallergenic and it ensures that the mattress remains hygienic over time.
The advanced Memory material absorbs the body pressure (soft) and "remembers" your natural position during sleep, thus embracing your body and helping relieve stress, while at the same time improving the quality of your sleep.
The thermoregulatory treatment ensures the absence of moisture and high temperatures in the sleep microclimate and it prevents the creation of germs and allergens.
The durability of products over time is ensured by the manufacturing quality of Athinaiki Stromatopoiia and the 8-year warranty.
The proper support of the natural curve of the spine and the relaxation of the muscles are the main benefits of high-tech springs.
The modern anatomical foam materials embrace the curves of the body in an optimal manner, helping the body relax.
The specialized foam materials and the unique Thermo+ thermoregulatory treatment ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

The microtherm™ thermoregulatory system creates the ideal microclimate for sleep by offsetting the changes in the temperature of all factors present in your environment (space, bed, mattress, pillow, body or bodies). This way, you can enjoy a quiet and refreshing sleep without interruptions.

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Sleep tight knowing you can trust your warranty.

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Little secrets that make a difference

You need time to get used to your new mattress. So give your new mattress some time to adjust to the curves of your body and your sleeping position, and it will come to embrace you perfectly. It is recommended to wait approximately one month for the mattress to adjust.

The mattress has a characteristic ‘new product’ smell, same as all new products. The smell is completely normal, it is not considered a defect and it will disappear after a few days. You need to remove the mattress packaging and air out the mattress for a few hours before laying the protective cover and sheets on top.

Your mattress’s foam materials slightly adjust in order to embrace your body, especially around the heavier parts (hips, shoulders, back). This is perfectly normal and necessary for the mattress to provide you with comfort and proper support. Your mattress may lose up to 15% of its original height; this is not considered a defect and it falls within the materials’ normal behavior.

It is very important to measure the mattress correctly in order for the results to be accurate and valid. The cost of transporting the mattress to the Customer Service Department, in the event that the permissible limit mentioned above has not truly been exceeded, shall be borne by the customer. If you wish, Sleep Dimmer may undertake to measure your mattress based on the current pricelist made available by the Customer Service Department.

Your new mattress was built specially for you, with the dimensions you measured before placing your order, at your own responsibility. In the event that your mattress is larger or smaller than the bed, it cannot be replaced.

Before purchasing your mattress, try out Sleep Dimmer’s range of mattresses and choose the one ideal for you, based on your own needs. In the even that you do not find the mattress fully satisfactory in terms of comfort, no changes or refunds are possible.