The design philosophy behind the new Sleep Dimmer mattresses is based on simplicity, the use of smart and innovative sleep technology and the guarantee of Athinaiki Stromatopoiia, the No1 expert in the design and manufacturing of mattresses in Greece.


Create your own unique sleep environment by selecting colors, materials, textures, bases and headboards for your bed from the Sleep Dimmer collection. The bed collection includes 3 types of bases with different functionalities each and 5 types of headboards with unique designs. You can make your own choice and create your own unique bed. All beds are upholstered in fabrics, designs and colors of your choice. This way, you can create your own unique bedroom in an easy, fast, flexible, affordable and creative manner.



Sleep Dimmer’s sleep products maximize your mattress’s performance, creating a personalized sleep environment based on your specific needs. All products are based on simplicity of design, on the use of advanced technology and innovative manufacturing materials. Depending on your choice, they can optimize the comfort, support, hygiene, safety and durability of your mattress, as well as the way in which the mattress embraces your body, thus further enhancing the quality of your sleep.

microtherm technology

Microtherm™ creates a “microclimate” just for you while you sleep

The science of sleep has proven that the temperature that prevails in the bedroom’s microclimate significantly affects the level of comfort and the quality of sleep. The microtherm™ thermoregulatory system creates the ideal microclimate for sleep by offsetting the changes in the temperature of all factors present in your environment (space, bed, mattress, pillow, body or bodies). This way, you can enjoy a quiet and refreshing sleep without interruptions.

sleep dimmer


Sleep Dimmer’s mattresses and sleep products have been designed incorporating the latest developments in sleep tech and the use of cutting-edge and innovative materials that guarantee a full and efficient sleep. This is why all mattresses in any Sleep Dimmer product line are covered by a multi-year warranty which bears the stamp of Athinaiki Stromatopoiia.

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